It's a Country Christmas! A Holiday Party Guide

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Christmas is just around the corner - can you feel the magic? Between trimming the tree and choosing the perfect gifts for loved ones, we’re all finding time for the most important part of the season - spending time with friends and family. Whether you’re the hostess with the most or venturing out in the cold to attend the parties of others, it can be stressful to get dressed for the occasion on top of our additional holiday season duties. 


Worry not! Whether you’re casually lounging around the house with a cozy crowd, getting together with coworkers, or dressing to the nines for a black tie, cowboy Christmas party, we have footwear choices that will keep your mind at ease and your feet wrapped in comfort. Keep reading for our holiday party picks that range from cozy comfort to best dressed on the town.

Friends & Family In the Farmhouse

Slip-On Kicks 

If you’re the hostess with the most this Christmas, there’s no time to fuss with your footwear! Opt for stylish sheepskin and genuine shearling in this style of Slip-On Kicks that will keep you cozy and comfortable while you whip up dishes in the kitchen, and relax with family and friends into the evening. 


Chukka Driving Moc 

Nothing says festive quite like a red Chukka Driving Moc! This style is perfect for moving between indoors and out, keeping you warm with help from a genuine shearling lining - our favorite feature for winter!


Slip-On Loafer

Keep it timeless in a Slip-On Loafer that boasts effortless Western flair. Featuring a touch of boot stitching detail on a beautiful shade of full-grain leather, these loafers are holiday party ready without any fuss.

Slip-On Loafer

Potluck at The Ranch

6” Wedge Sole Boot 

Venture out of the house wrapped in the coziest genuine shearling for guaranteed warmth and comfort! The 6” Wedge Sole Boot is just the ticket for winter weather featuring a waterproof lining that holds up to the weather, no matter the region. Pair them with a cozy knit sweater and leggings or your favorite denim for a stylish, practical party look.


Chukka Driving Moc 

Add a touch of Western flair to your casual holiday look with a stylish tooled leather accented with a pop of turquoise! This classic Chukka Driving Moc comes standard with all of your favorite feature, prioritizing comfort while offering a stylish design. Pair them with denim and your favorite piece of turquoise jewelry to tie it all together!


Slip-On Kicks 

Keep it classic with timeless, full-grain leather and diamond-quilted stitching in this pair of Slip-On Kicks. Not only are these easy to slip into on your way out the door, but they’re also a versatile choice that can be styled with any Westernwear in your closet. We love these comfortable casuals with a rustic flair!


Cowboy Christmas Chic

12” Western Boot 

When it comes to dressing up, there is one cardinal rule: black never goes out of style. Following that advice, we recommend this monochromatic black Western Boot to easily finish off any black tie look. Opt for an evening gown or a tailored velvet suit, these boots are classic enough to carry you through the evening.


6” Steppin’ Out Bootie

Show off your personality with a little peek of cheetah print! This must-have Steppin’ Out Bootie boasts versatility as you can lean into the subtle side under a pair of pants or go all out showing off this wild print with a cocktail dress - these booties are fun, fresh, and for our inner fashionista at heart!


16” Buckaroo 

Lean into classic cowgirl styling with a Buckaroo boot that is both classic and a head-turning statement piece! Coordinated leathers and colorful stitching details lend themselves to your look to create an effortless, authentic cowgirl style that will surely bring compliments your way.

Black Cowgirl Boots

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