Cowboy Boots Get to Work - Cowboy Style Work Boots

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When you think of work boots, you probably picture lace-up boots with a big steel toe and not a whole lot of style or room for self-expression. But if you point yourself to the American West, you’ll realize that work cowboy boots have served as the preference for generations of ranchers, cowboys, and farm hands. And there’s a good reason for that: they’re comfortable, durable, and darn good looking. Add in a good dose of modern technology that provides all-day support, and you’ve got everything you need in a work boot—with enough style to head right into town after a long day on the job.  

Cowboy Boot Styles - Easy Wearing, Hard Working

Ordinary work boots can be a hassle to put on—long laces and up to 10 eyelets mean sitting down and spending a good bit of time just to get them on. Cowboy boots, on the other hand, slip on in seconds—so you’ll be out the door and on your way much faster. Cowboy work boots have thick soles, which means less chance of being pierced by sharp objects and greater underfoot cushioning. Cowboy work boots are built for hard work; constructed with thick leather and reinforced stitching which fends off scuffs and abrasions.

Safety Comes First

Cowboy boots are tall, and that means more protection further up your leg. It’s no surprise that worksites are full of hazards, and more protection means less chance of injury. Just like ordinary work boots, cowboy-style work boots can be found with steel toes, composite toes, and underfoot plates to provide additional protection. Even the heel of cowboy boots is ideal for climbing ladders, with a defined notch to align and secure your foot on every rung.

Never-ending Comfort

Regular, lace-up work boots can be stiflingly hot—with all the bulk and none of the ventilation. Cowboy boots feature a loose-fitting shaft that allows heat and vapor to escape, keeping you cool and dry in the blazing heat. Cowboy boots also feature plenty of arch support. Twisted X® amps the comfort to a new level, with patented CellSole® technology. A network of interconnected cells cradle the heel and ball of your foot, allowing the insole to compress and rebound with every step. The result is all-day comfort—boots that feel as good at the end of the day as they did when you first slipped them on.

Lasso Yourself a Pair

With cowboy boot style taking off everywhere from Hollywood, to the heart of the Old West, there’s never been a better time to put a pair to work. With all the safety of traditional work boots plus exceptional comfort and versatile looks, cowboy boots let you get more out of your workday—and your life. So next time you are shopping for a pair of work boots, consider Twisted X; a brand that you can trust for all day comfort and durability.

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