Bright Christmas Morning Comfort

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Is there anything better than Christmas Morning? Children flying out of their beds with excitement for gifts left under the tree, the smell of coffee and balsam fir wafting through the air, everyone wrapped in cozy, Christmas-themed pajamas and blankets - there’s really no feeling like it! Arguably the best part? Waking up and enjoying the day in full comfort, with no obligations but to enjoy your loved ones and the holiday. Now that’s something we resonate with.


In the spirit of cozy comfort, we’ve compiled a list of recommended styles that will keep you comfortable, warm, and oh so cozy through a bright Christmas morning and beyond. Whether your tradition is to stay lazy all day, spend time in the kitchen perfecting Christmas dinner, or venture out into the cold for a bit of crisp air - you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

For Him


Slide out from underneath the covers immediately into coziness with a genuine shearling-lined slipper. Keep them by your bed to ease into Christmas morning duties, especially for the dads who stayed up late playing Santa!


Chukka Driving Moc 

Lace up your favorite go-to shoe with extra comfort with this genuine shearling-lined Chukka Driving Moc. The classic design shines with added coziness you’ll want to keep on as you wrangle excited kids around the house or on the way to grandma’s house.


Lace-Up Chukka Driving Moc 

Throw on your jacket and grab your gloves - if you need to step outside to take care of barn chores or chop firewood to keep the house cozy, the Lace-Up Chukka Driving Mocs will carry you through the to-do list before you settle in to relax for the day.

Man Wearing Chukka Driving Moc

For Her

Slip-On Driving Moc

From checking on animals in the barn, to checking cinnamon rolls in the oven, sometimes you’re in need of a shoe that can keep up with where you’re going, even on holidays. The classic Slip-On Driving Moc will help you bring all the holiday magic to life.


Slip-On Loafer

Turn up the fluff with the extra lush, cheetah print Slip-On Loafer. For the mom who never sacrifices style, this design lets her kick her feet up in maximum comfort while still expressing her personality. Wrap her feet in genuine shearling for an extra dose of Christmas cheer!


Slip-On Kicks

Wrap up in your warmest pajamas but wait, don’t forget your feet! Keep your feet toasty with an easy-on style of Kicks that features must-have genuine shearling and sheepskin leather for a luxe Christmas morning.


For Kids

Chukka Driving Moc

Keep those little toes warm with genuine shearling, tailored for the smallest feet in the family. The Infant Chukka Driving Moc will keep your mind at ease knowing your babe is comfortable and perfectly warm all day long. 


Driving Moc 

Dress to impress with no added effort with this adorable “mommy and me” style Driving Moc. This design matches the women’s Slip-On Loafer that features genuine shearling and a fun cheetah print fabric you both will love to wear. Treat your babe to the same lush comfort you love!


Slip-On Kicks

Festive and practical, these frosty, winter white Slip-On Kicks provide effortless style for venturing out of the house for Christmas Day. 

Girl in Twisted X Shoes

Set yourself up for a comfortable bright Christmas morning. Learn more about the Twisted X Footwear Collection by visiting our website or exploring our collection at a local retailer near you.