Man of the Hardworking People - Braxton Keith

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Give a listen to Braxton Keith’s Cold Hard Steel and Sand and you’ll immediately understand why he’s taking the country music industry by storm. A heartfelt tribute to the hardworking men and women who make a living in the oil fields of West Texas, the song's catchy chorus and infectious melody have earned it a spot on country music playlists—and have helped to establish Braxton as one of the most exciting new country talents. 

Hailing from Midland, Texas, Keith’s powerful voice and authentic songwriting have led many to praise him for his ability to capture the essence of the country experience. Songs like A Little Bit Closer and Make Up Your Mind have earned him a dedicated fanbase, and have helped cement his reputation as a rising star.

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I started playing the piano and learning music theory at a very young age, and ever since haven’t been able to put an instrument down.

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His heroes are country western legends like Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, Brooks and Dunn, Hank William and Bob Wills. “These are the ones who influenced me to learn the guitar, and to try and leave my mark in music.”

One of the things that sets Keith apart from other country artists is his dedication to his fans. He’s known for his high-energy live shows and his willingness to connect with fans both on and off stage. Whether he's performing in front of hundreds of fans or playing an intimate acoustic set, Braxton’s passion for music and his love of performing shines through in everything he does. 

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