Fall Outdoor Essentials: Boots for Hunting and Trekking

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With cooler temperatures on the horizon, we are all looking forward to crisp fall days spent outside. Whether you’re hiking new trails, taking advantage of hunting season, or spending extra hours in the barn, durable outdoor footwear is a must-have.

How do you go about choosing the right outdoor boot for your lifestyle? Consider the two most important features as you’re adventuring and on-the-go: comfort and durability. While these qualities are signature for all Twisted X® designs, we have rounded up a collection of boots which holds a few of our favorite styles in versatility and top-notch comfort.

Boots for Hunting

17” Snake Boot (MXCBWS1)

Trek into the elements with assurance in this Mossy Oak® Snake Boot. This 17” boot features Viperguard for the strongest protection against any threat hiding in the tall grass, allowing you to move through the wilderness with confidence. Not only are these boots snake-proof, they also offer oil and slip-resistance as well as waterproofing. This boot ensures you’ll worry about nothing in the field except the prize you bring home!

 11” Pull On Hiker Boot (MHKBW02)

If you prefer a cowboy boot profile with maximum comfort, the 11” Pull On Hiker boot will fit the bill! The Mossy Oak Original Bottomland Camo® offers discreet design while the iconic Twisted X CellSole® footbed works its magic for the most comfort possible while you’re out in the elements. 

 6” Work Hiker Boot (MCA0007)

If you prefer a low-profile boot that can keep up with you, try the 6” Work Hiker boot on for size! This iconic shoe profile combines beautifully with full-grain deep brown leather that is as durable as it is well-designed. Put this boot to the test as you venture out and prepare to be impressed by how far the Twisted X comfort will take you!

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Trekking on the Trail

4” Wedge Sole Boot (MCA0018)

Take on the trail in a boot you can feel good about! This 4” Wedge Sole Boot is your ticket to enjoying the scenery to the fullest without worrying about your feet. Marrying together ecoTWX® Tweed and full-grain oiled leather, these boots are bringing sustainability to the forefront without sacrificing an ounce of durability. Lace up for adventure in these, carefree!

4” Driving Moc Hiker (MHK0003)

Avid outdoorsmen deserve premium comfort, and that’s exactly what the 4” Driving Moc Hiker boot offers. For fans of the iconic Twisted X Driving Moc, this hiker echoes the silhouette and comfort factors that make these mocs so popular while adding support and rugged durability for days spent on undeveloped terrain. Blaze your own trail, and rest assured knowing your feet will enjoy cushioned comfort from sunup to sundown.

 4” Hiker Boot (MHKW007)

Don’t let soggy boots slow you down - explore the map with unfettered enthusiasm in this waterproof hiking boot. This 4” Hiker is well-rounded, and ready for whatever the day throws at you, whether you’re headed for the mountaintop or simply trekking around the barn. Featuring a leatherTWX® upper and a breathable waterproof lining, this hiker is designed to keep you comfortably dry and airy, one foot in front of the other down the trail. Perfect for someone who is always on the go, this style is made to keep you feeling fresh on your feet as you move through everyday activities or once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

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