Twisted X's 2023 NFR Commercial Takes Shad Mayfield and Shelby Boisjoli on a Wild Ride

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During last year's National Finals Rodeo (NFR), Twisted X® had quite a treat for rodeo fans when it unveiled a series of commercials featuring 2020 tie-down roping World Champion Shad Mayfield and breakaway superstar Shelby Boisjoli. Who could forget Boisjoli showing off her roping skills when confronted by an unfriendly visitor seeking out the "Boys of Jolly?" Then, Mayfield's heroic bank robber capture effort left the entire NFR audience wondering, "Whatever happened to the money?"

With such a memorable series of commercials featuring two fan-favorite ropers, it's a no-brainer that, for its 2023 NFR commercial campaign, Twisted X once again enlisted Mayfield and Boisjoli. While last year's endeavor consisted of three commercials, this year's is a single spot that builds on the wacky, wild, Old West world that Twisted X first developed in 2022.

"To have personality infused into the Twisted X brand is something we're quite proud of and something we strive for every day," says Tricia Mahoney, Chief Marketing Officer for Twisted X. "As we're headed into the 2023 spot, we decided that we wanted to stay within the same time period and we wanted to stay within the same genre of the spaghetti Westerns and the kitschy, quirky humor."

The spot, which will air throughout the NFR, is a testament to the company's support for its world-class rodeo athlete partners. It highlights how Twisted X connects with the Western community using the universal language of humor. Like any good Western story, expect to find villains and heroes. And, once again, Twisted X keeps the laughs going this year with a hilarious storyline that puts Mayfield and Boisjoli front and center.

Viewers will see Mayfield, Boisjoli, and others show off Twisted X's newest lineup of Western boots and footwear, all designed for comfort and crafted with eco-friendly materials. But the ultimate goal of the commercials is to celebrate the ropers in a manner that acknowledges the brand's distinct choice to break the mold of traditional advertising campaigns and do things the Twisted X way.

"I think it's funny, and it's a good laugh, and it gets people talking, but they're not trying too hard to be like, 'Buy Twisted X boots!' It's just a funny commercial," says Boisjoli, who will head into the National Finals Breakaway Roping in first place in the standings.

"The commercials, we have a lot of fun shooting those, that's for sure," says Mayfield, ranked second in his discipline as he heads into rodeo's biggest event of the year. "I've always done photo shoots since I was 18 and started coming up. To do commercials is kind of a new thing. You have more fun doing it, and there's always a story behind it," says Mayfield.

To find a perfect setting that would also evoke a proper Old West feel, the crew headed to the Grapevine Train Station in Grapevine, Texas. This year's commercial is set on a train, and the train car shoot introduced unique challenges for the production crew as it sought to nail its classical Western aesthetic. But the Twisted X team loves a good creative challenge, and the group's collective efforts turned out better than anyone could have imagined. With an ideal backdrop, stellar performances from Mayfield and Boisjoli, and all-around positive experiences on set, Twisted X knew it had another winner that would get people talking, just as last year's commercials did.

"You can watch a million commercials during the NFR. And everybody's advertising their product, but I think it's a standout because of how Twisted X goes about it. It's funny and makes people giggle," says Boisjoli.

It all harkens back to the creative team's efforts to create something funny that also meaningfully represents the brand. That ethos is present in the initial brainstorming stages and permeates every step in the process until the commercial airs at the NFR.

The commercials, we have a lot of fun shooting those, that's for sure.

"Some of the favorite things that we love about being on set and filming spots like this is that it really allows our immense creative team — our internal creative team — to have no guardrails, to explore, and to let their creativity flow," says Mahoney.

 Even though the advertisements are intentionally humorous, Twisted X's commercials also pay homage to a legacy of storytelling within Western history. The highly stylized approach elicits a sense of nostalgia for an Old West full of outlaws, outcasts, and the legendary cowboys and cowgirls of yesteryear.

The commercial's stars are also excited for the outcome. Boisjoli and Mayfield will see the final cut for the first time at the NFR alongside their fans, friends, and fellow ropers and riders.

"I can't wait until they get that commercial put together, and I finally get to see it at the NFR," says Mayfield.

Follow this link to learn more about Shad, Shelby and where you can find Twisted X products at Cowboy Christmas this year.

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