Veda M.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

In September I found a small lump in my right breast. A week later my son gave me whooping cough. I coughed so long and hard, I had a pain start under the spot where the lump was. The pain was so bad I was having trouble working. This caused me to go on to the doctor when normally I would have put it off. The doctor said I had two broken ribs from the coughing and sent me on to a specialist for the lump in my breast.

After going to the doctor and having three different tests I was notified that it was cancer. I went to see the surgeon he recommended a double mastectomy because it was already stage two and very aggressive cancer. That’s why I say whooping cough saved my life it made me go to the doctor.

Three weeks later I had surgery of double mastectomy luckily the cancer hadn’t spread to my nobs they started reconstruction at the same time.

A month after surgery I started chemo. Fourteen days later my hair started to fall out. I also ended up in the emergency room because I wasn’t drinking enough fluids and my kidneys were shutting down.  They gave me fluids and sent me home. From this point on everything tasted like metal and I had to make myself eat and drink.

I took chemo every week for five months then every 21 days for a year and a month. During this time, I stayed sick and tired. When I was sick my eight-year old son would get cold wet rags and try his best to take care of me. He felt like it was his place to take care of me since it was just me and him. I would sleep during the day so I would have the energy to take my son to his activities and spend the evenings with him.

I had a hysterectomy to help prevent the cancer from returning. After eight surgeries and over a year of chemo I was told that I was cancer free. I have had my check-ups every six months then every year so far so good.

So whooping cough saved my life, my son and I had one really bad year to have the rest of our lives together.

-Veda M.