Adrienne B.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

June 4, 2018, I went to the doctor for a pre-op appointment for a hysterectomy. I mentioned to my doctor that my breast was hurting. He sent me down for a mammogram and six and half hours later I left fighting breast cancer. I spent most of June and early July getting many scans and visiting hospitals. I started chemotherapy on July 11th. It was very difficult for the next two weeks, but I celebrated my 37th birthday getting my second dose of chemotherapy. I had a birthday party in the infusion room. I wasn’t going to let cancer stop me from celebrating with my family. I continued chemotherapy, even having a very scary allergic reaction during one of my infusions. I spent my daughters first year of showing chickens at our county fair not being able to be there for her. Other parents helped her with her animals and let her hang out with them while I stayed in the camper. Even though I felt horrible, I didn’t want my daughter to miss out on her first year. On October 23rd I finished my treatments. Our family celebrated with a party. We thought things were getting easier and the worst was behind us, when my father in law passed away. My next step in recovery was a mastectomy. On December 3rd I had a double mastectomy. Cancer was found in 2 lymph nodes. I started radiation on January 14, 2019. I am currently on 21 of 33 treatments. I receive one shot a month of Zolodex to put me into menopause because my cancer is fed by estrogen. Once radiation is over I will start taking pills for the next 10 years to stop my cancer from coming back. Throughout all of this my family, friends, 4-H and work family have gotten me to this point. We have always remained positive. Breast Cancer does not discriminate. A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I have been there to talk her through everything and to give her advice. I hope I can be an inspiration to others for years to come. Thank you for letting me tell my story 💕

-Adrienne B