Becky P.

Tough Enough to Wear Pink

My story. My story started back in March 2006. I went for my annual mammogram then they said they needed to do an ultrasound. They did the ultrasound and I went home. The next day I work I got a phone call from the doctor stating I had breast cancer in my left breast and needed to have a double mastectomy. They said they would schedule surgery for me. I visited with my boss at the time and my husband and decided I wanted a second opinion. I called and scheduled an appointment with my gynecologist. I was able to get in to see him within a day or so. He was very up front with me and said he was not well advanced in this area but would refer me to a breast cancer doctor at Baylor. I told him that would be great. I was able to get in pretty quick. In the meantime, I informed my family, sit my daughter and son down and told them. They were actually teenagers at the time. I called on my Church family and they started praying for me along with others.

I went to see the doctor and he wanted to do a needle biopsy. After a couple of days, I received word that the biopsy came back positive. I just broke down in tears. Holding on to my husband.

I had lots of people praying for me. Not only for healing but for peace and comfort. People would tell me not to listen to anyone that was talking negatively. They told me to keep a diary of everything, notating scripture people would send me to what was said at each doctor visit to copies of all the test and surgeries that would be done. I had to stay positive.

I went in May and had a lumpectomy done trying to determine exactly what kind of cancer it was. They still could not tell after it was done.

In June I had my mastectomy, left breast only, and they started reconstruction at the same time. They also removed some lymph nodes to see if there was in cancer in them. I was in the hospital for 3 days then came home with 3 draining tubes.

I actually did really well at home. I was able to move around to help work out the soreness. I would call the doctors off every day to see if they had gotten the results. After about three days they finally said the cancer was not in my lymph nodes and I would not have to have any radiation or chemo, praise God. I really was very thankful for this good news.

I went back to work around the first of July. I still had one draining tube to deal with. I just tucked it in my clothes and went on.

I went in and had at least four more surgeries through the course of the next four months. All of these were for the reconstruction. They were all day surgeries, so I usually went back to work within the next day or so. My last reconstruction surgery was on October 31, 2006.

I had to see my doctor every six months and at the same time I would see my oncologist. That went on for about two years. Then I started going once a year.

I am so thankful for the support I received from my family and my Church. I wouldn’t want anyone to face cancer alone. Everyone needs support but more importantly they need to know that people are praying for them.

In June of this year, 2019, I will be a 13-year cancer survivor. Again, I am so blessed. God is good.

-Becky P.